With over 500 members utilizing the range facilities safety has to be on everyone’s mind a 100 percent of the time.  Sometimes, individuals may not be clear on the range rules.  This sheet touches on some of the common issues observed.

  • Members are required to display their membership card whenever utilizing the club facilities, except when participating in leagues, matches or meetings.  Lanyards and badge holders are available from any of the officers.
  • The YELLOW LIGHT means that there is activity on the high power range on the east side of the north-south range road.  When on, shooters on the SIGHTING-IN-RANGE are limited to shooting 200 yards or less.  The TRAP RANGE is closed when the light is on.
  • Before going down range on the sighting-in-range unload and turn the RED LIGHT on, even if you are the only person on the range. (Especially, if you are driving down to put up targets.) No one touches a firearm when the red light is on.
  • If you need to shoot at 50 yards or less, utilize the one of the five benches on the north end of the sighting-in-range.  DO NOT drag one of the portable target stands over on the 100/200 yard part of the range.
  • When utilizing the portable target stands on the 25 yard range insure that the impact of your bullets is through the target directly into the backstop.  Try to avoid hitting the stationary target frame at 25 yards.
  • When returning from driving down range on the sighting-in-range or silhouette range replace the chain over the entrance to west range road.
  • Guests are welcome but cannot shoot.
  • Temporary 15 day memberships are available to individuals from out of the area (100 miles away), but they must be sponsored by a member and accompanied by that member whenever on the range facilities.
  • Nonmembers may participate in schedule matches, leagues, training and meetings.
  • Close and lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving the range, unless the gate is locked in the open position.

These are just a few items to remember.  Members are responsible for following the Rules of Conduct

You may download a copy of these reminders here: Range Reminders

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