Shooting Range Layout

Shooting Range Layout

Main Gate

The main gate is the only authorized entry point to the range complex. The gate will normally be secured by padlock and chain. Close and lock the gate after entering unless the gate was open when you arrived. The same applies when you leave. An open gate indicates that there is an activity taking place on the range complex. However, you may still be able to shoot, but you will need to determine what activity is taking place and get clearance to go ahead and shoot on the range. The combination on the gate is change at least twice a year. Members are notified by mail or e-mail whenever the combination is to be changed.

Parking Areas and Roads

The parking areas and primary roads on the complex are graveled. Do not drive off the graveled roads or parking areas. The one exception is the prairie trail along the backstops on the west side of the silhouette range. However, it is not graveled so do not drive on the trail during the spring thaw or after any precipitation. Chains on the accesses from the north-south range road to the 500 yard silhouette backstop, the 200 yard silhouette firing point and the prairie trail entrance need to be up at all times. The only exceptions are for scheduled activities when the sighting-in-range is not open or when someone is putting up or removing targets under a cease fire on the sighting-in-range.

Equipment Shed

The equipment shed is used to store range equipment. Access is restricted to individuals maintaining the grounds or performing maintenance on range facilities.

Club House

The club house is normally locked unless there is an activity taking place which utilizes the facility. The club house is used to sign people up for matches, as a waiting room for the indoor range, as a classroom for hunter safety training and concealed carry classes, and as a meeting room for club activities and meetings.

Target Shed

The target shed located adjacent to the target pits on the high power range house targets and supplies used in matches and leagues. Members signed up for the high power and vintage rifle leagues have access to the targets for practice. Other club members must supply their own targets.

Prairie Trail

The prairie trail provides access to the backstops along the west side of the range complex during dry conditions. It connects with accesses to the 200 meter silhouette firing point and end of the north-south range road. Do not drive on the prairie during the spring thaw or after any precipitation. Keep the chain up on the entrance to prairie trail except when except when someone is actually utilizing the trail to put up or remove targets.


There are three toilets located on the range complex. The primary toilet is located between the club house and the sighting-in-range building. This toilet has separate toilets for ladies and gentlemen. It has lights and electric heat. The toilet utilizes a negative pressure system to keep odors from the toilets. So, it is important that the lids on the stools be kept closed when not in use for this system to be effective. Also it minimizes the heat loss in the winter. Doors need to be kept closed at all times, winter and summer. Windows may be opened for fresh air in the summer. There are also two unisex fiberglass toilets located on the range complex. One adjacent to the 300 yard parking lot on high power range and one behind the target shed.

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