2017-2018 Junior Shooting Season

Hi, welcome to a new year of shooting for the Forks Juniors Rifle Club!

We offer a Junior Safety and Marksmanship program that normally runs from October to the end of March. Things will be a little different this year as I don’t have a specific start date for the junior program. Usually we start the first Tuesday in October, but this year we are completing upgrades on the range so the first session hasn’t been determined. Everything else is the same, cost of membership is $25 for the year. We still supply all the equipment needed from beginner to expert, including the .22 ammo, rifles, mats, gloves, kneeling rolls, scopes and scope stands, shooting coats, shooting pants, shooting stands, ear plugs and eye glasses. We will provide everything you need to compete, but you have to supply the desire to excel.

There are endless opportunities for girls and boys alike. Local, state, regional, collegiate (and yes there are even scholarships to college for shooting available), National, International, world and Olympic titles and championships are available to compete in and win.

I teach the four basic positions (prone, sitting, kneeling and offhand). But above all I stress SAFETY first. We normally shoot on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm. Keep in mind, juniors don’t usually shoot the whole three hours, so I ask that they bring their homework with them to do during down time or when they want to take a break..

I will have a fall roundup meeting later this fall. Again, I can’t set a firm date as we are adding a few upgrades to our range. But feel free to call me with any questions and please leave a message as I drive a bus for UND and can’t answer the phone when I’m driving.

Thank you, Steven R. Martin, Chief Instructor, Forks Rifle Club. Certifications: NRA Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Certified Instructor. USAS level 2 Rifle Instructor. NRA Range Safety Officer. Past 4-H Rifle instructor

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