Hunter Rifle League

  • RIFLE = Hunting style rifles not over 12 lbs., AR rifles or vintage sniper rifles – different rifles can be used at the different yardages.
  • POSITION = Prone – If physically difficult arrangements can be made.
  • SHOTS/SCORING = If sighters are used they will be the start of the relay – not more than 5 sighters – 15 shots for record – the shooter will let the puller know when he is ready to go for score. The shooter will also have his own sheet to plot hits and record his score also to verify his score.
  • PULLER/SCORER = Puller will exchange targets with shooter and will pull and score for each other.
  • YARDAGE = 300 and 600 yards are separate events. Shooters can use different rifles for either yardage and can participate in either yardage league or both.
  • TIME = 5 minutes for prep time = 20 minutes for 5 sighters and 15 shots for record.
  • TARGETS = F Class 300 and 600 yard target faces.
  • LEAGUE SCORE = Lewis class scoring; 300 and 600 yards are different events.
  • SUPPORT = If support is wanted a Harris style bypod or rifle sling and no rear bag.
  • PRACTICE MATCH SCHEDULE AT FORKS RIFLE CLUB at 1 PM FOR 2018 on July 15; August 12, September 2, September 23.
    For more details contact Gordy Linnell – 218-779-1784.  If you’d like to shoot on Tuesday nights for practice or league – contact me.

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June 24, 2018 - CMP Sanctioned John C. Garand Rifle Match

June 23, 2018 - Regional High Power Rifle Championship

May 26, 2018 Matches

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